Monday 16 October 2023

Autumn Update

I have made three small improvements recently that you may find useful.

  • Races that have not been sailed yet shown in public results pages. When you display the results of series in which no races have been sailed, you used to get a simple message saying there are no results yet. Now you get a list of the races in the series with their start dates and times.
  • Download series results by helm. When you edit the results of a series and click the icon to download them to an Excel file, you get the option to score by helm. Previously you could only download results scored the usual way by boat.
  • Download series winners and runners up. Open the winners page from the Result Menu showing the winners and runners up of all the series in your account. Alternatively open it from within an individual event to get the winners and runners up in that event. An icon now appears top right to download them into a spreadsheet. Note that in order to avoid asking the server to calculate all the results again, the file is made by your browser directly from the information on the web page. Thus it is very quick, but it produces a csv file rather than an Excel file. You can, of course, open the csv file in Excel to format it as you wish.

One more thing

There is a new handicap-analysis button on the public results pages. Open the results of any handicap series and look at the right-hand side...