Friday, 25 February 2022

IRC handicaps for 2022 are coming in fast, while PY Numbers are unchanged

The number of northern-hemisphere ratings is building up fast on the IRC website. They are downloaded into HalSail automatically every day so that the default handicaps given to boats in IRC classes are kept fully up to date. Note that the ratings from 2021 are no longer available, so boats that have not yet got a 2022 rating will appear as having no default handicap. You can see all the latest IRC ratings from the Boats / Standard handicaps page. At the time of writing this blog there were 1437 of them.

The RYA has announced that, as the number of returns during 2021 were reduced by covid, there will be no changes to the Portsmouth Yardstick list for 2022. So the default handicaps for PY racing classes in HalSail and Hal's Race Results remain unchanged.

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