Sunday 5 June 2022

Showing DNC Boats

I have had a number of queries recently about whether it is best to include or exclude DNC boats in results. This is one of the switches when you set up a series and it can make quite a difference to how your results look. 

  • If you Include DNC Boats then each boat in the racing class will be have an entry in the results for each race. That is probably what you want if you are publishing the results of an event, such as a championship, with a well defined entry list. Each boat would expect to see a result in each race, even if it never made it to the starting line and it only got DNCs.
  • If you Exclude DNC Boats then only those boats that have a result (ie, something other than DNC in at least one race) are shown. That is probably what you want in club racing where there may be a lot of boats in the racing class, but many will not participate in a given series. If you were to show all the boats you would have a long list of results for each race, most of which were DNCs.
So for the average club it is best to set the default to exclude DNC boats and only change it to include DNC boats for particular events with bespoke entry lists.

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