Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Welcome to the HalSail blog, where you will find news about HalSail and Hal's Race Results. It will take over from the bulletins I published on MailChimp, which has recently become very expensive to use.

The latest updates to HalSail include:

  • I have added a new page in the Boats menu to see various kinds of standard handicap, including IRC, RYA PY, NHC base numbers, Small Catamaran Scheme and Australian Sailing yardsticks. The IRC numbers are downloaded automatically from the RORC database and contain those boats that have renewed for 2022. I update the others whenever new values are published.
  • Printouts of results are now done by pdf, rather than printing the web page directly. This improves the formatting. So when anybody, whether they are logged in or not, clicks the printer icon on the overall results of a series, or on an individual race, they get a pdf file sent to their download folder.
  • Logged-in users can get a zip file containing separate pdfs of the overall results and the results of each individual race in a series. They can also get a zip file containing all the results on a given day. The zip files are sent as an attachment to an email.
  • When  you print any page using your browser's print function the timestamp at the foot of the page is now local time, rather than the time in the UK where the server is located.
  • I have improved the archiving process. Your account on the archive server is now set up automatically, so you no longer need to search for an existing account or do a manual setup.

If you have recently paid your subscription you will have noticed that the money now goes to HalSail Ltd, a company I have set up to help take the project into the future. My intention is to bring in one or two new people to ensure the long-term development of the website.

May I wish all my users a happy new year and good sailing in 2022.

Peter Hopford

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